Retriever Activities Center (RAC) Arena

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The Retriever Activities Center (RAC) Arena was originally opened in 1973 as the UMBC Fieldhouse, and has since been renamed. The arena has a 4,024 spectator seating capacity and serves as the main competition venue for the men's and women's varsity basketball teams and the women's varsity volleyball team. The Arena contains chair-back seats on the lower level and bleacher-style seating on the mezzanine level. The renovation of the mezzanine-level seating is expected to begin sometime during the winter of 2007-08. In addition, the Arena has recently had two state-of-the-art scoreboard display boards added, with one board having graphics display capabilities for showing highlights of the game and other promotional activities. The Arena is surrounded by a 1/10-mile indoor track and also houses the UMBC Athletics Hall of Fame.

The entrance to the Varsity Weight Room is located on the track level and contains the offices for the Retrievers' Strength and Conditioning Staff and a variety of free weight, pulley-operated, and other weight training equipment.

Numerous coaches and administrative offices overlook the RAC Arena on the front side of the building, while additional offices and the, skybox-like Retriever Club Room, overlook the Arena on the back of the building. The Retriever Club Room has recently gone through renovations that have included a new lighting system and overall refurbishing and serves as a location for numerous promotional and VIP events.

The newest additions to the RAC Arena were part of the $2.4 million Spring 2004 Retriever Activities Center renovation and were completed on March 16, 2005. The renovations included new men's and women's basketball locker rooms and a state-of-the-art Media Room. The men's locker room, which is located at the far end of the Arena, features full-length, wood lockers, bathroom and shower facilities, a separate coaches' locker room area and entryway. The entire facility is equipped to have plasma and projection televisions and a sound system to provide the athletes with the comforts of home.

The women's locker room, which will be located behind the Retrievers' team bench, features full-length wood lockers with mirrors, bathroom and separate shower facilities, a separate study/lounge area specifically for the women's basketball program, equipped to have plasma and projection televisions and a sound system to provide the athletes with the comforts of home. The lounge will feature a study area with a computer set up for academic work and a meeting area for team meetings and to watch game film.

The Media Center which is located next to the men's locker room, is accompanied with eight-toten media work areas equipped with data ports using high-speed internet access and phone lines for media filing. The media room can also double as a hospitality room before, during and after events and serve as a room for all athletic teams to use for team meetings and watch game film.

The RAC Arena is also used for various campus and community events, including convocation and commencement ceremonies, as well as university-sponsored concerts, which have included nationally-recognized acts such as Kanye West, Staind, All-American Rejects, and Brand New. UMBC has hosted many prominent sporting events at the RAC Arena over the years, including an international volleyball match between the USA and Peru, numerous collegiate conference championships, and the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Association Championships in girls' basketball.