What to Bring to Camp



-Two bathing suits

-Flip flops or soled type sandals (needed only for swimming activities)


-Water bottle

-Plastic bag for wet items

Campers will be allowed to use locks (Preferably the combination type) in the locker room. (It is recommended to use a laundry marker or name tags to properly identify all camper items). We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


-All campers must wear proper footwear; sneakers are recommended.

-Flip flops, sandals /Crocs are discouraged for regular camp activities.


We will be providing a snack and juice in the morning, but children MUST provide their own lunches. We will provide refrigeration for lunches. Lunch bags and/or lunch boxes should be clearly marked with the camper's name.

NOTE: If your child has food allergies please provide information on the camper medical form.


-Wheeled shoes

-Cell phones

-Hand spinners (Fidgits)

-Discman or iPods/mp3 players


-"Security" blankets and other sentimental items

-Water toys


-Other items of similar type

-Hair dryers and/or curling irons

-Jewelry should not be worn