Retrievers Meet with the Media, Hit the Floor at Spectrum Center

photo by: Mitchell Layton
photo by: Mitchell Layton

Best Quotes From Media Day:

Head Coach Ryan Odom

Q: Can you talk about your early days in Charlottesville and growing up with the UVA Program, and what that meant to you?

A: "It was just such a special time in our lives. We moved there when I was in third grade and stayed there until about 10th grade. We left that summer when dad went back to Wake Forest. Just around so many highly-successful people. And everything started around Coach Holland and how he created that family atmosphere around his program. I just think about it and how lucky I was. I didn't realize it at the time, obviously. When you're going through it sometimes, you don't recognize it until you're out of it. I would get home from school and ride my bike across that bridge. We lived two doors down from the Holland's.

 I'd go down there and watch practice, sitting on the sidelines with Jeff Jones who'd just graduated. He was just out of college a couple of years and wasn't allowed to be on the court at that time. So, he and I would sit on the sidelines and dribble the ball between our legs and watch these great players and coaches go at it. You think about Coach Holland and all of his assistants that he had that have all been successful in their own way that have gone out and done amazing things. The players that have gone on to be successful in life. I feel very blessed to have been a part of it."


Graduate Student Guard Jairus Lyles

Q: Virginia has done a really good job this season of keying in on the team's best scorers. When you have watched tape this season, how do you feel they have defended team's best scorers? How do you plan to get around that?

A: "They have a great overall defense. They're the No. 1 defense in the country for a reason. I fully expect them to try to take me out of the game. I have to get my teammates involved and do a great of moving the ball and making them chase us."


Junior Joe Sherburne

Q: You guys made tremendous strides defensively. What is that made your defense better this season?

A: "I think right in the summer, before this season, that was our first focus. The first thing we did all (last) summer was work on our offensive fast break and our plays. This summer was focus mainly on defense, just as basic as sliding and keeping our hands out in the right position."


Sophomore Arkel Lamar

On preparing for Virginia

"We have done everything possible to get ready. I feel really good about how we prepared."