Strength and Conditioning

One of the main ideologies we promote is the implementation of a winning culture. Championships are not built from talent alone; from the time you step on campus as a freshman until the day you graduate as a senior, you are building a legacy for your team and yourself. Holding yourself to nothing but the highest standard is the only way to build the legacy you can be proud of. This legacy comes from preparation, and a willingness to work harder and more than those we are competing against. That starts in the weight room, and when combined with the athletic skills you possess and the strategy of the coaching staff, will culminate in (continued) success on the field of play.  This leads to a winning culture  which will then carry on not only at UMBC after you are gone, but throughout all of your future endeavors. There are several key components of a winning culture:

  • Preparation: Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Putting in the extra work, whether grinding out those last few reps, attending optional stretching/mobility sessions, making the proper food choices, or choosing to sleep rather than go out to a party on a Saturday will always give you an advantageous starting position over those you are competing against. In an athletic world where life is cutthroat and BASED ON COMPETITIVENESS, why not give yourself an advantage from the get-go?

  • Accountability: Be a leader. Accountability for yourself and for those around you is key to a winning culture. You expect your teammates to hold up their end of the bargain on the court or field, but this can only be done if you hold them to that same standard in the weight room,  on the practice field, and in other other aspects of student-athlete life. On the same note, you cannot hold them to a high standard, if you do not hold yourself to the highest standard imagineable. Always seek to be THE EXAMPLE to those around you; if you see less than maximal effort from a teammate, hold them accountable. Likewise, always expect the best from yourself. Be Accountable.

  • Passion/Aggression: It is impossible to reach the highest levels of athletics without passion: for your sport, for accomplishment, for perfection. Understand the gift you have been given, and seek to maximize it all turns. Attack every weight room session, every practice, and every game as though your spot is up for grabs, as though professional scout is grading you, as though it is your last game. Calculated risks are important, be willing to make things happen. There is no reason to hold back, do what you are here to do!

  • Confidence: Never allow yourself to doubt your ability.  Always expect to succeed at what you do, always expect to win. There is no other outcome.

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