Emergency Plan for UMBC Athletic Department

Campus police (410-455-5555) are to be contacted whenever an ambulance is needed on campus. The police dispatcher will call 911 and send a police car to the appropriate campus entrance to direct the ambulance to the scene. A police officer will also report to the scene prior to the arrival of the ambulance. If needed AEDs are available in both training rooms.

Game and practices
1. Athletic Trainer assesses the situation and determines a medical emergency.
2. A call is placed on cellular phone to Campus Police 410-455-5555 to obtain an ambulance.
3. If a cellular phone is not available a bystander (student trainer or coach/staff) is to call Campus Police X55555 from campus phone to obtain an ambulance.
4. Athletic department staff will assist with opening gates/doors providing access for ambulance crew.
5. Athletic trainer remains for conclusion of game, student trainer or other athletic department staff will travel with athlete to hospital if parents are not on site. Insurance information is sent with injured athlete. If injured athlete is from visiting team – official member of traveling party may accompany athlete in ambulance. Student trainer will follow in van.

Telephone location
• For Baseball and Softball - Stadium Press Box
• For Soccer or Lacrosse Games - Stadium Training Room Office campus phone
• Blue Emergency phone (direct line to Police) located outside stadium road gate.
• For Indoor and Outdoor Pool events campus phone located on wall to right of pool offices
• For Tennis Courts Blue Emergency Phone located at far end of courts towards the center of campus
• For RAC Arena Events campus Phone located on wall of the side of the RAC entrance

Information to be given to Campus Police
- Identify yourself
- Give the location
- type of injury/ what happened
- number of victims
- age of victims
- what is being done for care of victims

Athletic personnel direct ambulance crew to nearest accessible area

(UMBC Stadium Complex)

For Baseball and Softball
- Ambulance enters through Research Park Drive
- Follow road to Softball Field entrance
- athletic personnel open gate between Baseball & Softball
- drive around back road - warning track of baseball

For Soccer / Lacrosse Games on Turf or Track meets
- Ambulance enters from Hilltop Circle or Poplar Ave. to Stadium Lot (old Lot 17) near warehouse
- Follow road past soccer field to Parking Lot/Track
- Athletic personnel open double gates for access to field 

(UMBC Retriever Athletic Center)

For Indoor and Outdoor Pool / Tennis Events
- Ambulance enters from Administration Drive
- Turns into service drive by tennis courts
- Athletic personnel opens outside pool gates and directs ambulance crew into pool area.

For RAC Arena Basketball / Volleyball Events
- Ambulance enters from Administration Drive
- Turns into service drive by tennis courts
- Athletic personnel opens rear doors directs ambulance crew into arena.

The nearest Emergency Room is located at St. Agnes Hospital which is several miles down Wilkens Avenue. Address 900 S. Caton Avenue, Baltimore. The severity of the injury will determine where the injured athlete is transported. Severe head and neck injuries are taken to University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma Unit. Most emergency situations will be referred to St. Agnes Hospital.

St. Agnes Hospital : 410-368-6000
UMMS Shock Trauma : 410-328-6722