UMBC Hall of Fame

The UMBC Athletic Hall of Fame was instituted in 1970’s, and has grown to include 117 members. In 1990, then Director of Athletics Dr. Charles Brown created The Annual Hall of Fame Dinner, where past Hall of Famers can welcome new entrants. Hall of Famers are chosen by a committee of athletic alumni based on their excellence on the fields and courts and their subsequent graduation from UMBC.

Six former UMBC student-athletes were inducted into the UMBC Athletics Hall of Fame on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015. 

Five student-athletes were recently selected by the committee and a sixth, lacrosse standout Brendan Mundorf, '06, joined that group for the inductions.  Mundorf was tabbed in 2012, but professional lacrosse obligations precluded him from attending the prior inductions.

In addition to Mundorf, the class of 2015 includes Melanie Denischuk, '07, softball  Andrew Hampson, '00, men's lacrosse, Izudin Mehmedovic, '07, cross country/track & field, Lindsey Prather, '05, swimming & diving and Darryl Proctor, '10, men's basketball.

Marcus Gross, '06, men's soccer, was selected, but was unable to attend the inductions, and will be inducted at the next ceremony.

HOF Bios


Athlete Years Sport(s)
Jackie Abendschoen-Milani (1984-88) Field Hockey/Lacrosse
Angela Adams (1984-88) Cross Country/Track & Field
Mehdi Addadi (1998-2002) Swimming
William Ahern (1976-80) Baseball
Jose Anderson (1977-81) Track and Field
David Andrzejewski (1974-78) Soccer/Lacrosse
Shannon Bagrosky (1994-97) Women's Soccer
LaNae Baker (1995-98) Volleyball
Susan Fahrman Bathgate (1975-79) Lacrosse/Volleyball
Jeff Berman (1994-97) Baseball
Cathy Stocks Bielawski (1973-77) Gymnastics
David Bobb (1994-97) Track & Field
Dick Bond (1966-70) Lacrosse
Lisa Boone (2000-03) Softball
Jared Boyd (1998-2002) Baseball
Justin Bronson (2005-09) Swimming
Dr. Charles Brown (1989-Present) Director of Athletics
John Burns (1989-93) Baseball
Chris Cain (1988-91) Men’s Lacrosse
Giuliano Celenza (1999-2000) Soccer
Lisa Cline (1995-98) Volleyball
Gary Clipp (1973-77) Lacrosse
Marty Cloud (1977-81) Lacrosse
Jeff Crabill (1984-88) Baseball
Chad Cradock (1993-97) Swimming & Diving
Fran Daum (1968-70) Basketball/Volleyball
Melanie Denischuk (2005-07) Softball
Jen Dragoni Muston (2000-04) Lacrosse
Tom Dunlap (1975-79) Lacrosse
Greg Elliott (1990-93) Baseball
Kelly Fiorani Marriott (2002-06) Lacrosse/Soccer
Raymond Ford III (1977-80) Soccer
Bill Gerhardt (1976-80) Baseball
John Goedeke (1975-79) Basketball
Kevin Goh (1997-01) Swimming & Diving
Mark Gold (1980-84) Lacrosse
Brad Green (2000-04) Swimming & Diving
Jay Greene (2005-09) Basketball
Mary Greenwalt (1971-75) Tennis/F. Hockey/Basketball
Adam Grossman (2002-06) Men’s Track and Field
Jeff Hahn (1967-71) Lacrosse
Andrew Hampson (1996-99) Lacrosse
Susan Herzog (1987-89) Swimming & Diving
Kirk Hewling (1991-95) Track and Field
Ray Ignacio (1983-87) Lacrosse
Bob Jacobsen (1975-79) Baseball
John Jancuska (1978-Present) Head Baseball Coach
Huguens Jean (1999-2003) Track & Field
Jennifer Jewell (1991-95) Volleyball/Softball
Jack Kane (1975-79) Basketball
Cindy Stout Kubiet (1979-2017) Director of Sports Medicine
Ingrid Kilpe Huber (1993-97) Swimming & Diving
Kori Kindbom (1982-86) Basketball
Belinda Knisley (1976-80) Volleyball
Fritz Lahner (1970-73) Baseball
Ted Lawler (1994-98) Soccer
Craig Linthicum (1978-81) Lacrosse
Paul Loebach (1986-90) X Country/Track
Kevin Loewe (1991-95) Baseball
Monica Logan (1995-99) Basketball
Oscar Lopez (1997-2000) Tennis
Dan Marohl (1996-2000) Lacrosse
Steve Marohl (1988-92) Lacrosse
Tammy McCarthy (1983--87) Basketball
Carol McDaniel (1981-85) X Country/Track
George McGeeney (1978-82) Lacrosse
Izudin Mehmedovic (2002-06) X Country/Track
Michael Meyer (1992-94) Golf
David Miller (1992-96) Swimming
Shawn Miller (1989-93) Soccer
Rick Moreland (1979-83) Basketball
Bob Mumma (1989-92) Baseball
Brendan Mundorf (2003-06) Lacrosse
Reggie Nance (1977-81) Basketball
Josef Novotny (2001-04) Tennis
Kelly O’Brien (1990-94) Volleyball
Shawne O’Connor (1981-85) Basketball/Lacrosse
Alessandra Pedergnana (2002-06) Tennis
Jim Pfrogner (1971-2000) Head Coach, XCountry/Track & Field
Kristie Pickeral (2001-05) Softball
Felice Pinkney (1987-91) Basketball
Jim Pirisino (1968-72) Soccer/Baseball
Lindsey Prather (2001-05) Swimming & Diving
Darryl Proctor (2007-09)


Joe Provance (1972-75) Lacrosse
Keith Puryear (1990-2008) Head Tennis Coach
David Quattrini (1977-81) Lacrosse
Missy Quille (1989-94) Basketball
Steve Rice (1975-79) Baseball
Robert Ritz (1971-75) Lacrosse
Jay Robertson (1976-80) Lacrosse
Breck Robinson (1982-86) Basketball
Laura Robinson (1983-87) Lacrosse
Brian Rowland (1999-2002) Soccer
Gary Rupert (1977-88) Athletic Administration
Denise Schilte (1991-95) Soccer
Loreta Saurusaitis (1982-86) Volleyball
Jackie Seboda Pfeiler (1986-90) Lacrosse
Shawn Shugars (1990-93) Baseball
Larry Simmons (1986-90) Basketball/Soccer
Emmerson Small (1970-1973) Basketball
Jason Smith (1990-94) Lacrosse
Linda Lyall Sowers (1966-70) Basketball/Volleyball/Field Hockey
Michael Sterling (1981-85) Cross Country/Track
Robi Tamargo (1978-82) F.Hockey/Lacrosse/Track
Darius Taylor (1988-91) Soccer
Pam Lottes Tomczak (1976-80) Volleyball/Lacrosse
Steve Tomshack (1996-99) Baseball
Greg Usilton (1981-85) Baseball
Jeff Usilton (1978-82) Baseball
Deanna Vecchio (1999-2002) Softball
Ed Veit (1973-80) Men’s Soccer Coach
Bobby Wagner (1991-95) Soccer
Karin Wagner (1984-85) Cross Country/Track
Terence Ward (1997-2001) Basketball
Dick Watts (1967-1985) Director of Athletics
Angel Webb (1988-92) Basketball
Jennifer Webster (1985-89) Gymnastics
Anne Wellington (1988-92) Basketball
Andy Wells (1998-2001) Soccer
Rick Wey (1974-78) Lacrosse
Amy Wolff (1994-97) Softball
Mike Woodard (1976-78) Soccer
Steve Zerhusen (1975-1978) Soccer
Kathy Zerrlaut (1973-current) Head Coach/Administrator