Retriever Activities Center (RAC) Arena

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The Retriever Activities Center (RAC) Arena was originally opened in 1973 as the UMBC Fieldhouse, and has since been renamed. The arena has a 4,024 spectator seating capacity and served as the main competition venue for the men's and women's varsity basketball teams and the women's varsity volleyball team. 

The final varsity contest was played on Jan. 27, 2018, as the men's basketball team defeated Maine, 86-74. 

The Arena contains chair-back seats on the lower level and bleacher-style seating on the mezzanine level.  The arena is surrounded by a 1/10-mile indoor walking/jogging track. 

The RAC Arena is also used for various campus and community events.  UMBC has hosted many prominent sporting events at the RAC Arena over the years, including an international volleyball match between the USA and Peru, numerous collegiate conference championships, and the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Association Championships in girls' basketball.