UMBC Tailgating Policies to Insure Adherence to NCAA Regulations

Tailgating Attendance Sheet

NCAA regulations require that if parents are providing a post-game meal to team members, the group should be documenting its in-kind donation of food to UMBC in writing. They should establish a per-person cost. Any parents or other family members of student-athletes who did not contribute in-kind should also pay the per-person price for each of these tailgates; otherwise they are receiving an extra benefit from representatives of the institution's athletic interests.

Therefore, any parents groups wishing to conduct regular post-game tailgates shall provide a letter to the Senior Associate Athletic Director for Compliance, describing their plan and noting that the food is being provided as an in-kind donation to the institution. This will then make it permissible for current student-athletes to receive the meal from the institution as a post-game meal per NCAA Bylaw 16.5.2.d.2.

The parents group should estimate the total cost of the tailgate, derive a per-person price and keep an attendance/payment sheet at the tailgate. This sheet should be turned into the Senior Associate Athletic Director for Compliance after each game. All attendees who were family or friends with the student-athletes are required to either donate food or pay a per-person fee to the organizers of the event. The group should work with the sport coaching staff to clarify any questions or concerns.

This way, we will insure that UMBC parents, boosters and student-athletes continue to stay in compliance with NCAA regulations.