Advising Program
The athletic department offers a comprehensive academic support program to all new student-athletes (freshman/transfer), and returning students who are identified as needing additional academic support.

The Academic Center for Student-Athletes (ACSA) advising program features full-time advisors, part-time academic coaches, and peer tutors. Students are provided with an individual support program, which may feature all or some of the following depending on need:

  • Individual Meetings with Advisor
  • One-on-One Meetings with Academic Coach
  • Peer Tutoring Sessions
  • Required Study Hall (individual and/or team)

Students typically meet with their assigned academic advisor at least once per week, in the Academic Center for Student-Athletes. They review academic progress of the student, plan tutoring sessions, determine class status and evaluate the students progress. Additionally, some students also meet weekly or semiweekly with an academic coach to further develop specific areas of concern within their academic progress. All students have the opportunity to work individually or in a group setting with peer tutors as a supplemental means of support.

Students must continually demonstrate that the learned skills and behaviors are being used. The focal point of the program is to introduce the student-athlete to appropriate learning skills and behaviors, concentrating on:

  • Note Taking
  • Textbook Reading
  • Time Management
  • Study Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Using Campus Resources
  • Career Counseling

The ACSA support program creates an environment where student-athletes have the opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest academic and athletic potential. By providing coordinated academic, personal and social support, ACSA reduces the chances that these students will not reach their full potential.

Tutoring Program
The athletic department tutoring program works in conjunction with campus resources provided through the Learning Resource Center (LRC), as well as through various academic departments when available. Tutors are provided for most 100- and 200-level courses and select upper level classes. Tutoring is available for all student-athletes in both individual and group tutoring sessions.

All athletic department tutoring is held either in the Academic Center for Student-Athletes (ACSA) or within the newly added Retriever Success Center (RSC), which features individual tutoring rooms.

Student-athletes requesting individual tutors should meet with a staff member from ACSA and complete a request form through GradesFirst. Student-athletes will be placed with a tutor in a timely manner (usually within 48 hours) from the athletic department tutor pool, or the LRC tutoring pool if necessary. It is recommended that students seek assistance from their professor in addition to tutoring, especially as they wait for a tutoring assignment.

At the conclusion of each tutoring session, the tutor will complete a Tutor Report Form which is made available to academic advisors, commenting on the session and recommending a course of action before the next appointment. All tutoring sessions are held once per week for an hour, unless otherwise noted.

Group or content tutoring is also available for student-athletes through the athletic department and various academic departments on campus. These sessions are held weekly in the RSC or academic department and the subjects vary from semester to semester. Please consult ACSA for a list of subjects, dates and times.

It is highly recommended that all student-athletes bring their textbooks, class notes, and syllabus to every tutoring session. Students are expected to have attempted to complete their work prior to their tutoring session and are expected to participate actively in each session.

iPad/Laptop Policy
The Academic Center for Student-Athletes has made available iPads/laptops for student use both on campus and while on road trips. Laptops are available for use in study hall or on road trips simply by signing one out from an advisor (if available), while iPads are lent at the beginning of the semester at the discretion of the ACSA staff based on a student's need for additional academic resources. Appropriate compensation for equipment will be made to ACSA in the event of damage or loss.


Providing Academic Accountability and Community (PAAC) is an academic program that provides one on one academic support to UMBC student-athletes. Our role as educators is to teach and develop academic skills needed to achieve success. Here at UMBC we believe that it takes a PAAC to ensure academic success for our student-athletes, with the support of other campus constituents. For more info, click here.