UMBC Certified as NCAA Announces Division I Certification Decisions

As part of its July 21-23 meeting, the NCAA Division I Committee of Athletics Certification has determined that The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) has been certified.


The committee reviewed written materials related to a self-study by UMBC and conducted interviews on the campus in April 2010.   


The classification means that UMBC is considered to be operating its athletics program in substantial conformity with operating principles adopted by the Association’s Division I membership.


“I am very happy that we are one of the first schools nationally to receive our third certification,” Director of Athletics Dr. Charles Brown said. “The process enables us to look at our program and make sure we are complying with NCAA points of emphasis. There was a great deal of emphasis on student-athlete equity and we came out with a great deal of praise and with ideas on how we can improve our program even more.”

The purpose of athletics certification is to ensure integrity in the institution’s athletics program and to assist institutions in improving their athletics departments.  NCAA legislation mandating athletics certification was adopted in 1993. The certification process, which involves a self-study led by an institution’s president or chancellor, includes a review of these primary components:  governance and commitment to rules compliance; academic integrity; gender/diversity issues and student-athlete well-being.

UMBC was one of the first five Division I institutions in the country to be unconditionally certified in March 1995 and the university was re-certified in the NCAA’s second round in 2002.


Jack Seuss, UMBC’s Vice President of Information Technology, served as chairman of the steering committee. Other committee members were: Dr. Charles Brown (Athletics), Kathy Zerrlaut (Athletics), Dr. Marvin Mandell (Dept. of Policy Science, NCAA Faculty Liaison), Dr. George LaNoue (Political Science, UMBC Athletics Policy Committee Chair), Dr. Walt Sherwin (Ancient Studies, Academic Integrity), Dr. Jim Trela (Sociology, Academic Integrity), Jill Barr (Graduate School, Governance and Rules Compliance), Jim Milani (Engineering, Governance and Rules Compliance), Dr. James Bembry (Social Work,  Equity and Student Well-Being), Dr. Nancy Young (Student Affairs, Equity and Student Well-Being), Dr. Charles Woolston (Emeritus, At-Large), and Francine Ward (Student-Athlete, At-Large). 


“To prepare a self-study for the NCAA committee is a daunting task,” Dr. Brown said. “Everyone on the committee deserves a great deal of credit, with special thanks to Jack Seuss for coordinating the entire effort and Kathy Zerrlaut, who spearheaded the information-gathering process.”


All 335 active Division I members participate in the athletics certification process.